Tennis Court Wedding Reception

Tennis Court Wedding Reception
Last September, I photographed Brittney and David's wonderful San Diego beach wedding at St. Malo.  Their wedding reception involved one of the most amazing transformations of a space I've ever seen! The transformation was led by Kerrie of Platinum Weddings by Kerrie, one of my favorite wedding planners!  To begin, it involved a base floor installed over the entire[...]

Solana Beach Family Photography

Ken and Katerina have wonderful daughter whose precociousness belies her 3-year-old self.  Along the Elijo Lagoon in Solana Beach, there's a wonderful pathway that runs east to west along the southern shore of the lagoon.  While following the little one down the path as she ambled ahead of everyone else, she turned back and gave the most amazing expression--part bewil[...]

Solana Beach Maternity Photography

I don't shoot a lot of maternity photographs, so when I do I naturally take a different approach than those who shoot this type of work more regularly.  This shot was taken in a grassy meadow on the banks of the San Elijo Lagoon, so it would be completely expected for any photographer to play it safe and go for the common backlit-ethereal look (which I did as well).  [...]